Diggin' It Up

Pullin' it down to the ground to put it up in your face
cos I gotta keep moving cos I'm running a race
against time is in your mind now is the
time to check it out and feel the way that you're feeling allright

I got to the base of the Earth in near darkness
Deeper and deeper getting near to the madness
of the mind control zone - you're thinking of badness
you check in your mind and start feeling the sadness.

Trapped in a mould that you're making yourself taking
more and more and more till you cut off a life
inside outside making and breaking it all
till you get the feeling that you can't take it any more.

Breaking the feeling crossing over the other side of the
beat - we got it moving gonna keep you start feeling your
feet on the ground, turn it around, turn it out of the way of the mind
turn it away into to time kickin' it.

Diggin it up, diggin it up - get on the bad people - baby gonna get on down

Seconds left to live, seconds left to die
it all happens in the blink of an eye
You got time left ? I don't think so.
Diggin' it up cos I think so.

It's like a jungle sometimes cos IT IS:
Power lines take the place of trees
reactor meltdown bringing us to our knees
like a disease cos you know it by the way it feels.

Tools became the master became the slave
but don't don't you know that we're digging our own grave ?
but what else can we do - this is the thing that we're making.
Terrestrial shaking.

Matter to energy in the sun give life to the
Earth give birth to the human species.
We're just another piece of cosmic history.
Give me the mystery !!